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Built for a sustainable future

This green Village has been designed to provide sustainable living to the community while offering the luxury that comes with it. Build in the present for a renewable future.

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Reimagined Designs

Salthouse village is an interplay of creativity and utilisation to provide contemporary eco homes and workspaces to revolutionise the real estate development for efficiency and sustainability. 

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Feel At Home

The idea is not just to create residential and commercial spaces but to create those that feel like home. The location of this village gives an iconic view of its community. As you enter the village, you are greeted by fresh air, free from pollution. Taking nature walks alongside the Cavendish Dock becomes second nature to those who dare to live in or visit Salthouse village.

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Being the first completely solar-powered village in the UK, it draws its dwellers and visitors into independence. It is designed to combat climate change while providing the energy needed for comfortable and sustainable living. From water recycling to green infrastructure, our development approach is designed with the environment in mind.

We believe in renewable energy

A renewable future, built today

We believe that the future is born today. We have invested in like-minded professionals, technology, and models that work well for our investors alongside the environment. We believe in renewable energy and sustainability. Our work would be void if we did not incorporate this in our projects. We create the future as we go and ensure that it is a renewable one.

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Quality is our priority

Perfect fusion of style, luxury, elegance and smart initiatives

Salthouse Mills creates architectural designs that are beyond imagination. Our bespoke designs speak luxury, elegance, and class, a rare kind of style. We also invest in smart initiatives, Smart Environment, Smart Living, and Smart Mobility. Every detail is in the planning, design, and building of commercial and residential areas is done to incorporate green living.  

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Salthouse Mills Industrial Estates alive and ready to provide Industrial units, workshops and storage yards.


Since closing as a Paper Mill, the buildings have been occupied by auto-repairers, car dismantlers and the site also encompassed the Roosecote Raceway Track.


It became Barrow Paper Mills Ltd, producing fine paperfor the printing industry. Its import of paper pulp was important traffic for the ABP.

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salthousemills before demolition.jpg
barrow paper mills pic.jpg


Hiltongrove acquires the derelict 17-acre site to create the new Salthouse Mills Industrial Estate.


Barrow Paper Mills comes to a close.


Barrow Chemical Wood Pulp Company opened a factory at Salthouse and became Kilner Partington Pulp Company in 1892.

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