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We Buy The Idea- Want To Join Us?

Buying real estate in Salthouse Village will make you a part of this leading shift in green living. The village not only boasts of being the first completely solar-powered village but a community full of likeminded individuals who have a genuine love for being green.. Located in Cumbria, the village is beholding, graced with scenic views such as glorious landscapes. Buying a village piece connects you with like-minded communities interested in living exemplary lives while maintaining an eco-friendly environment. 


We Are Not Just Selling You A House

Salthouse Village provides you with the elegance of a modern house, the sustainability that comes with solar-powered houses, the convenience because of the well-thought-out architectural designs, and the joy that comes with renting space in a holistic environment. 

The village is created with a futuristic vision of providing sustainability and promoting eco-friendliness in the places we live or work. It is the first of its kind, bringing solar-powered houses to life. Most of our tenants end up buying a property within the Village just because of

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You Can Be Part Of It

This one-of-a-kind village is the envy of every person with a desire for smart designs that embrace nature and utilize green technology for a sustainable future. Everyone who wishes to live or work in luxury with the much-need peace that comes from living in a serene environment can be a part of it. You can be part of it.

Whether you want to rent it for residential or commercial purposes, the village is situated and packed with the amenities you need. It is easily accessible by road, foot, bicycle, and even train, making it ideal for business and convenient for the people living here. (please see brochure and add in a bullet point layout with nice icons if possible!)


It's Worth Every Penny- If Not More

Buying a piece of Salthouse Village is worth every penny. What's more? It's not an expenditure. It's an investment. Get in touch!

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