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Let Us Usher You into The Future

Salthouse Village is a mixed-use project designed with as close to the zero-carbon vision in mind. It is the first-ever completely solar-powered village, enabling sustainability and energy efficiency. Its unique designs lend themselves to an outstanding panoramic view, a sight to behold- Barrow-in-Furness. The rich cultural and historic heritage makes it ideal for visitors and locals to soak in its wander. The Amenities and provisions are designed with the community in mind, ensuring affordability and accessibility. The totality is a blend of modern housing for residential and commercial use, with a hint of culture and authentic lifestyle.

Invest In The Future

The future is already here. We bring it to you through Salthouse Village. Investing in this development is an investment into a renewable future and a smart business investment. With us, you can be part of that future too. We believe that investors should have a chance to invest in real estate, and we provide the partnership and development plans with the highest probability of high return on investments.

Let Us Partner

Together we can do more. We aim to create real estate projects that are eco-friendly and promote sustainable living. If our interests match, you have a partner in us. Let’s meet!

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