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We Buy The Idea- Want To Join Us?

Buying real estate in Salthouse Village will make you a part of this leading shift in green living. The village not only boasts of being the first completely solar-powered village but a community full of likeminded individuals who have a genuine love for being green.. Located in Cumbria, the village is beholding, graced with scenic views such as glorious landscapes. Buying a village piece connects you with like-minded communities interested in living exemplary lives while maintaining an eco-friendly environment. 

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We Are Not Just Selling You A House

We are selling you a lifestyle in a village built with you in mind. From our exceptional amenities to the autonomous systems, Salthouse Village is the envy of the town. Life at Salthouse village (whether you want to buy yourself a home, a commercial unit, or simply for your muse) is never boring. 

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Buy Into The Community

There is so much to enjoy in Salthouse Village. The rich historic heritage and the eco-friendly systems are just the tip of the iceberg. The community has a sense of neighborhood at its core. Their love for nature and efforts to promote sustainable lives makes the community ideal to live and work with

It's Worth Every Penny- If Not More

Buying a piece of Salthouse Village is worth every penny. What's more? It's not an expenditure. It's an investment. Get in touch!

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