Can I have access outside of normal hours?

Yes, we offer flexible 24hr access, 7 days a week.

How can I work out how much storage space I need?

Please see the size guide on the pricing page. Alternatively, contact our site manager who will be more than happy to help. He may suggest that you visit the site and view a couple of units to help you visualise the space you need.

Do your industrial units/workshops have three phase electricity?

Some of our industrial units and workshops have a 3-phase electricity supply. If you need this for your equipment, please tell us when we are discussing suitable units with you.

What duration are the minimum/maximum rental terms?

We offer a minimum of 3-month agreements up to a maximum of 5-year agreements

What type of rental agreement do we offer?

We recognise the importance of simplicity and flexibility. Our four-page lease agreement gives you the right to use the property 24/7 on easy in/easy out terms.

Our standard lease gives you the right to exclusive possession for up to 5 years but you can opt to have just a monthly notice clause ensuring you have security of tenure but without the headache of being tied to a long lease and the liabilities that come with it.

What is included in my industrial unit rental?

Your rent includes building insurance and service charges.

Business rates are not included. However, they may be excluded depending on the size and location of your unit. Please check with the local council.

Will I be provided with a lock to secure my self-storage unit?

For security purposes, you will not be provided with a lock. You can bring your own lock or buy one at the storage facility.

Is insurance included in the unit rental?

Insurance for your contents is not included for any of the units, and you are advised to source for your own insurance to cover any damages in the event of theft, outbreak or fire.