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About Commercial

Part of being in business is realizing potential areas of profits and seizing the opportunity when you can. Salthouse Village provides such an opportunity. This first-ever solar-powered village is the hot news in the real estate industry. The village has drawn many people due to its lucrative solutions in providing sustainability for a renewable future. It is indeed the future as many are looking to settle and invest in it.

Tailor-Made For Your Business

The Salthouse village has buildings designed for residential purposes. We put careful planning into it to ensure that your business needs are met. The site is accessible by road, foot, bicycles, and even train. The different types of transport systems make it ideal for business. The units are also modern and elegant, allowing you to ensure that your brand stands out.

Did We Mention That…

It is solar-powered- meaning a reduced cost of electricity for your business. You not only get to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and scenic view- you get to use renewable energy, contributing towards making the world green again.


Bring Your Business To Salthouse Village

Whether you are looking to open a restaurant, rent or buy office space, create a studio here or any other purpose, Get in touch! 

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