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The Salthouse Village Experience

The Salthouse Village is the first solar-powered in Barrow-in-Furness. It has a distinctive style that allows people seeking an authentic lifestyle to live and work in a space surrounded by exceptional amenities promoting eco-living and embracing sustainability at its core.

Masterplan Visible Development Areas Summary – please only add these in a table format as per the one in the brochure (unless you plan on doing something more creative!)

The Salthouse Village will be divided into four zones. The GIA division by different zones totals 56,86 m2. The specifics of the zones are as follows:

Zone 1 = 10,338 m2 
Zone 2 = 27,022 m2 

Zone 3 = 3,962 m2  
Zone 4 = 15,540 m2


Residential units are inclusive of solar-powered homes and hotels.

Total residential GIA across the different zones are as follows: 49,587 m2

Total residential GIA across the different storey levels:

table 1.png


Commercial units include retail, restaurants, small office, studio, workshops, leisure, entertainment, culture/gallery.

Total commercial GIA across the different zones are as follows: 7,275 m2 

Total commercial GIA across the different storey levels:

1_Q17 Lofts_External_HighRes.jpg

Affordable & Accessible Housing

The Salthouse Village has been created with the community's interests in mind. It, therefore, includes a mix of houses to include affordable and accessible housing for all. The apartments have lifts, and all have level access to the ground floor for ease and convenience. 

Transport Strategy

We believe that getting to where you want to go should be easy. That is why car access, public transport and cycle routes are inclusive in the development to provide seamless transportation. The site can be accessed through two routes. (Add the map from the brochure – you have editable copy of the brochure to save the high quality map image or copy and paste!

5_Q17 Lofts_Kitchen_HighRes.jpg
3_Q17 Lofts_Living Room_HighRes.jpg

Welcome To The Future

Salthouse Village is a one-of-a-kind project which includes:

Arts and Culture

Barrow in Furness is ranked number one in England for its natural heritage. Salthouse village is located at its heart. Discover the town's rich heritage at the Maritime Museum, wander through its historic buildings, or get amused by the large brick shells.

Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy follows the BREEAM standard or Passivhaus standard.

Use and Vulnerabilities

The village provides diverse uses alongside residential and commercial. We aim to provide new cultural and leisure activities that do not currently exist in Barrow town center. Amongst the other uses are: public assemblies, performance spaces, art galleries, and other cultural spaces such as a Maritime Museum.

Energy efficiency & Sustainability measures

The Salthouse Village uses renewable energy technology and techniques to promote energy efficiency and sustainability. Measures such as the creation of solar-powered units and water recycling help to achieve the goal.

Flood Zones

The project has invested in flood mitigation techniques using modern eco-friendly solutions to prevent flooding.

Natural Disaster Management

We believe in doing everything we can to manage natural disasters. Therefore, we have invested in the technology and techniques necessary to manage natural disasters when/if they occur.

Planning Policy

We intend to comply with the planning policy. Our team is attentive to every detail, ensuring that the development complies with set policies.

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